Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jinxmae on Adsense

Hurray! My Adsense application was approved! This will be a fresh start for me to make money online. It's my first online account that earns bucks! Yeah you heard it right! real bucks! ^___^ I'm SooOooo happy, because while I'm blogging, I'm also earning thru Google Adsense. I was approved two weeks ago, but I didn't find time to insert these precious money making links in my blog.

Google Adsense Team e-mailed me because seven days passed, and I have not yet opened my Adsense account and used their Adsense codes. I was thinking twice whether to put their Adsense code in my site or not, but finally I've made a decision to display their ads, after being skeptical.. hehehehe... I hope I could earn even just a small amount of dollars from this program. Many of my friends have joined and earned more than a thousand bucks a month! It grabbed my attention, and enticed me to apply also and join this program. Wish me luck guys, in my journey to this wonderful world of Adsense ;)


ANNA-LYS said...

Good Luck I guess ... but it doesn't look amazing :-)

pmonchet said...

Goodluck po.

judy said...

salamat poOOOooooooooOoo.. :)