Friday, September 21, 2007

Manic Sunday. arghh.. *_*

Haayy ilove Leigh nash's Need to be next to you.. i love this song so so so much.. T_T makes me feel senti. Charinng.. *sob* Got up at exactly 8, tapos went to SM, mag isa lang ako ngayon, pakshet! Dumaan ako sa Little china place, so cutey. I just thought of somethin weird again. Saw sumtin in shangrila, i was like senti sentihan ngayo. Baduy noh? I feel like i got a radio head. Kanta ko ng kanta. Ewan... ~_~. From one genre to another..Like love song to alternative to pop to punk to songs of praises. Geeezz.. Its sunday kasi, and u know, wen its sunday, its boring. Hek hek. But its fun when ur strolling aroun na mag-isa..missin' this for quite a while now. =) Kasi Im always wid the weird peepz, playin' filthy rich again. ^_^. Heheh. Kahapon, went to hap chang with coach and team mates. Tapos watch transformers then play at time zone with franz. tapos i think i chat with jehzeel. My super close buddy.Kahapon ba yun? oh yea kahapon nga.. Tapos went to the market to buy some stuff. See?? its all kahapon! as in yesterday! what about today!!?? dito sa St. Francis! Nakikinig ng air supply's "just as i am" ! Pakshet!. Di naman ako broken harted but ako nag iisa..geezz... Kasi everyone's busy now.. Ate thea went somewhere else, im sure she's walkin aroun mag isa rin ( but she prefers to be alone naman kasi she needs to buy somethin' ).Kaya here i am..Nakikipag usap sa mga sales lady sa St. Francis at sa mga attendant ng cafe dito. Katawa tawa, Im actually doin a survey of their fashion statements. hahahah.. And seriously... its cracking me up... Ayihee.. ^_^