Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jinxmae on Adsense

Hurray! My Adsense application was approved! This will be a fresh start for me to make money online. It's my first online account that earns bucks! Yeah you heard it right! real bucks! ^___^ I'm SooOooo happy, because while I'm blogging, I'm also earning thru Google Adsense. I was approved two weeks ago, but I didn't find time to insert these precious money making links in my blog.

Google Adsense Team e-mailed me because seven days passed, and I have not yet opened my Adsense account and used their Adsense codes. I was thinking twice whether to put their Adsense code in my site or not, but finally I've made a decision to display their ads, after being skeptical.. hehehehe... I hope I could earn even just a small amount of dollars from this program. Many of my friends have joined and earned more than a thousand bucks a month! It grabbed my attention, and enticed me to apply also and join this program. Wish me luck guys, in my journey to this wonderful world of Adsense ;)

Monday, October 1, 2007

My idea of Heaven

Umff.. Im seriously into this Knowing-thy-self period. I dont wanna talk about love these days, it's such an old old old old fairy tale. >_<>

Today, ate thea met kya mark. I see love in them, super heavy love. Cheesy *__* it looks good on them naman din eh. Hek hek. Tapos, they left us!!! Paksheet! thats the most painful thing about having a partner! U leave ur friends hmff coz ur goin out for a date. Geezzz.. Pero heheh.. She's complaining the same thing wid me. ^_^. Heheh. Kaya they left us nalang and rode a jeep. Franz and I went to SM nalang and do oursame routine, watch a movie ( hanep??? watch a movie? daily routine?? haha? ito ba cnasabi nilang naghihirap na ang Pilipinas?? ) Hehe,hindi, pass muna kami coz we're seriously sleepy. duh...While hennie went home early, korny?? umuwi agad..amff...

Im havin theories again with love in general. But its my own theory, ur entitled to react, but u cannot argue with me coz its my opnion...( and the fact of the matter is : im stub born when it comes to opinion ) so grab a chair. listen, and when i say listen, u listen real good, pay complete attention. *heck!@ i seriously dont like this computer's keyboard, i cant type nang maayos * Oh by the way.. ( oh good lord, im at it again! ) i was wearing this jeans kanina, tapos galing pa laundry yun, Haneeep!!! i was feeling somethin in my pocket, syet! I found a hundred bucks ba naman??? galeng.. Kaya i went out nalang ang buy somethin. And oh,..going back to my topic about love. Uhmm..Im not being mean or whatever, and i dont choose to be mean, ofcorse, im an angel..duh *_*. Heheh, if u feel like ur feelin it, just feel it. Bow. But if ur not. Duh.. get out and run wild. Tis is an advice from an infant. Its gonna suck u down talaga kaya better yet, drink ur drink and watch ur movie. ^_^ its the best thing in lyf.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Manic Sunday. arghh.. *_*

Haayy ilove Leigh nash's Need to be next to you.. i love this song so so so much.. T_T makes me feel senti. Charinng.. *sob* Got up at exactly 8, tapos went to SM, mag isa lang ako ngayon, pakshet! Dumaan ako sa Little china place, so cutey. I just thought of somethin weird again. Saw sumtin in shangrila, i was like senti sentihan ngayo. Baduy noh? I feel like i got a radio head. Kanta ko ng kanta. Ewan... ~_~. From one genre to another..Like love song to alternative to pop to punk to songs of praises. Geeezz.. Its sunday kasi, and u know, wen its sunday, its boring. Hek hek. But its fun when ur strolling aroun na mag-isa..missin' this for quite a while now. =) Kasi Im always wid the weird peepz, playin' filthy rich again. ^_^. Heheh. Kahapon, went to hap chang with coach and team mates. Tapos watch transformers then play at time zone with franz. tapos i think i chat with jehzeel. My super close buddy.Kahapon ba yun? oh yea kahapon nga.. Tapos went to the market to buy some stuff. See?? its all kahapon! as in yesterday! what about today!!?? dito sa St. Francis! Nakikinig ng air supply's "just as i am" ! Pakshet!. Di naman ako broken harted but ako nag iisa..geezz... Kasi everyone's busy now.. Ate thea went somewhere else, im sure she's walkin aroun mag isa rin ( but she prefers to be alone naman kasi she needs to buy somethin' ).Kaya here i am..Nakikipag usap sa mga sales lady sa St. Francis at sa mga attendant ng cafe dito. Katawa tawa, Im actually doin a survey of their fashion statements. hahahah.. And seriously... its cracking me up... Ayihee.. ^_^

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Edsa Food tripping ^_^

hehe, i just love it when my baby and i were like food tripping at edsa with this * calmari* fishball*squidball*kwek kwek* diba ? aint it cute. para kaming mga batang yagit na ewan. Wala lang, i appreciate simple things like that. ^_^. (xempre kasama ko Babe ko, if i'd spend it with someone else i wouldnt be that happy though. enngkk. *mushy mode * Jologs na naman ulet ako. Duh. *_*. heheh. And there was a time in SM, wer laughin to the top of our lungs, ( i think i like that moment ( charing> feeling sharon and gabby? haha ^_^ )

Mega chu chu ^_^

Hehehe, nothin much, i just wanna update this blog coz im sure a lot of u guys are waitin' for another hell-im-in-love blah blah. Waaaahh... Actually, wala akong magawa ngayon, sunday kasi kaya no work, no pay. hmf.
I miss my fwens thats why, i love hangin out with them everyday. ^_^ We'd go to the mall, watch cne, naubos na namin lahat ng showing . Damnn, we're like rich asses? Packshet!hehehe. para mamumulubi kami 3 days after payday,hek hek
My tropa in sitel :
te thea - she's my room mate, we always talk about evrythin'. She knows all stuff about me rin kac she's like my big sis. Tapos we kinda like share the same interests. She has a bf, c kuya mark, theyre so so so in love. Hayyy.. kaso he's leaving, hmff, so sad *sob*
hennie - hekhek, she used to be my dorm mate, kaso she's now staying in her tita's place. Uhmm, she's so in to her cellphone, kasi her bf's texting her evryday, Hmf! she's pretty, according to her, But since we're gud frens and she make pautang din. She's pretty na xempre. She likes to eat a lot. ^_^
francis - aww this guy's convinced that he's gwapo, not just gwapo, hyper gwaponess.. Paksheet. Haha. We're always seen together kaya some folks are thinkin' he's my bf, thats just how comftable we are togther. He's ur nice nice nice dude. he's malaki ang katawan but u'll get sick seryoso when u find out how dis kiddo get so childish super. ewan ko na lang ^_^
And uhmm... what else, we're now separated kasi we're in full prod na. waaaaaaaaaaaah. I miss yah guys ever .
the other day, nanood na naman kami ng movie. this time not so sucky. Its regine and piolo's "pano kita iibigin " hayy.. maximus dramaticus. But its funny too ^_^. franz and i are havin this argument since nung isang araw pa about this ratatouille thingy. hekhek, he cant help but laugh, im pronouncing it as ratoyl kasi.While ate thea's feeling the movie kasi she can relate, sumhow ^_^
Tapos, we came home around 5, we're almost 24 hours awake na. grabeh, no more sleep. hagard na kami ^_^But its fun

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My First Post at Blogger

My First Post at Blogger , this is my very first post.. indeed ^_^