Monday, October 1, 2007

My idea of Heaven

Umff.. Im seriously into this Knowing-thy-self period. I dont wanna talk about love these days, it's such an old old old old fairy tale. >_<>

Today, ate thea met kya mark. I see love in them, super heavy love. Cheesy *__* it looks good on them naman din eh. Hek hek. Tapos, they left us!!! Paksheet! thats the most painful thing about having a partner! U leave ur friends hmff coz ur goin out for a date. Geezzz.. Pero heheh.. She's complaining the same thing wid me. ^_^. Heheh. Kaya they left us nalang and rode a jeep. Franz and I went to SM nalang and do oursame routine, watch a movie ( hanep??? watch a movie? daily routine?? haha? ito ba cnasabi nilang naghihirap na ang Pilipinas?? ) Hehe,hindi, pass muna kami coz we're seriously sleepy. duh...While hennie went home early, korny?? umuwi agad..amff...

Im havin theories again with love in general. But its my own theory, ur entitled to react, but u cannot argue with me coz its my opnion...( and the fact of the matter is : im stub born when it comes to opinion ) so grab a chair. listen, and when i say listen, u listen real good, pay complete attention. *heck!@ i seriously dont like this computer's keyboard, i cant type nang maayos * Oh by the way.. ( oh good lord, im at it again! ) i was wearing this jeans kanina, tapos galing pa laundry yun, Haneeep!!! i was feeling somethin in my pocket, syet! I found a hundred bucks ba naman??? galeng.. Kaya i went out nalang ang buy somethin. And oh,..going back to my topic about love. Uhmm..Im not being mean or whatever, and i dont choose to be mean, ofcorse, im an angel..duh *_*. Heheh, if u feel like ur feelin it, just feel it. Bow. But if ur not. Duh.. get out and run wild. Tis is an advice from an infant. Its gonna suck u down talaga kaya better yet, drink ur drink and watch ur movie. ^_^ its the best thing in lyf.