Sunday, August 5, 2007

Edsa Food tripping ^_^

hehe, i just love it when my baby and i were like food tripping at edsa with this * calmari* fishball*squidball*kwek kwek* diba ? aint it cute. para kaming mga batang yagit na ewan. Wala lang, i appreciate simple things like that. ^_^. (xempre kasama ko Babe ko, if i'd spend it with someone else i wouldnt be that happy though. enngkk. *mushy mode * Jologs na naman ulet ako. Duh. *_*. heheh. And there was a time in SM, wer laughin to the top of our lungs, ( i think i like that moment ( charing> feeling sharon and gabby? haha ^_^ )

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Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahahaha! uy e allow ang anonymous comments, para all around ang mag comment, not blogger users only.. hehehe :P nice nice.. dami na laman blog mo.. wahehehe :P